Monday, April 23, 2007

"Green" Weddings

With all of the world wide awareness about Global Warming, many brides are looking for ways to do their part to make their Weddings a 'Green Day' Here are some tips for doing your part to "...lessen the carbon footprint..." for the planet on your special day.

  • Look for invitations that are printed on post-consumer waste paper
  • Instead of guest favors, make a donation in the name of each guest to energy renewable projects
  • Use local vendors such as florists, baker, photographer so that you can cut down on carbon emissions from traveling from other states
  • Choose a photographer that uses digital equipment as opposed to film. Not only does digital cut down on paper, it doesn't release harmful chemicals such as silver, mercury into the environment the way film does when processed
  • Ask the Catering Manager from your venue if they recycle plastic and aluminum waste that will accumulate from your reception
  • If possible, pay your vendors online to eliminate unnecessay paper. Not only is it secure, it's easy and fast
  • Explore natural fabrics such as silk or cotton for your gowns and groom's attire
  • Consider donating your wedding dress to one of the many organizations that accept them to assist causes such as breast cancer. This would also reduce carbon emissions by not having to have one more gown made
  • Share the limo! Instead of having just the bride and groom in a limo, invite the wedding party to travel to the reception site with you. It's fun and it's a great way to start the festivities
These are just a few ways to help the planet and we can all do our part even on the most important of days!!

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